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Linklog (04.11.18):

AI vs Law Enforcement: A Match Made in Technocratic Hell

This is literally the worst nightmare scenario.

To create such a program, Cortica did not go the neural network route (which despite its name is based on probabilities and computing models rather than how actual brains work). Instead, Cortica went to the source, in this case a cortical segment of a rat’s brain. By keeping a piece of brain alive ex vivo (outside the body) and connecting it to a microelectrode array, Cortica was able to study how the cortex reacted to particular stimuli. By monitoring the electrical signals, the researchers were able to identify specific groups of neurons called cliques that processed specific concepts. From there, the company built signature files and mathematical models to simulate the original processes in the brain.
It's terrifying to know that children born today will face a world where Machine's don't just observe and monitor them - but can actively read their thoughts in real-time

A world is coming in which humans will be seen as eaters only worth the meat they grow.

#QAnon and TheHHP.net

After following Q for a matter of months there will be more of this information and my personal theories broadcasted from this outlet. I have removed my Facebook imprint and will be focus on off-worlding comments collated from various places to here.

qanon.pubis a after site to follow Q posts if you don't wish to aggergate directly from 1nf1n1+ych4n but I would suggest doing so as the context is important.

Whether Q is a L4RP or not? At this point if Q is a LARP is a question of little value. The information being put forward by Q's presence is undeniable and conversations are happening between people I never imagined would be taking place. ANy patriot out there should be excited about this.

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