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"Under normal times, it's fine, you have a moderate Democrat running, a moderate Republican running," Sanders said. "These are not normal times. The United States right now is in the middle of a severe crisis and you have to call it what it is."

I suppose it's time to have a 'democratic socialist' fix all of our problems? Lulz. ]]> todays Mon, 18 Nov 2013 20:34:44 +0000 hhpadmin
JFK was killed 'by a mystery bullet': Nurse who joined desperate attempts to save the President from death claims she spotted bizarre, pristine bullet in his neck that was never seen again Seems Phyllis Hall, one of the nurses present in the Trauma Room when JFK was being treated, Claims a 'mystery bullet' was removed from JFK's skull - never to be seen again. She said: 'I could see a bullet lodged between his ear and his shoulder. It was pointed at its tip and showed no signs of damage. There was no blunting of the bullet or scarring around the shell from where it had been fired. I’d had a great deal of experience working with gunshot wounds but I had never seen anything like this before. It was about one-and-a-half inches long – nothing like the bullets that were later produced.' ]]> Welcome to Mon, 18 Nov 2013 15:56:56 +0000 hhpadmin